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ITRA has been pursuing claims on behalf of disgruntled clients against various resorts, management companies and marketing companies in the timeshare industry, with most claims being pursued on a 1 to 1 case basis.

In many cases it is possible to claim against a credit card company or a finance company who provided some amount of credit or finance to assist in the timeshare purchase.


Following a number of Spanish Supreme Court Rulings since 2015, there now exists the opportunity for many owners of Spanish timeshare to process a claim for compensation based on the following criteria….

– Your timeshare was purchased or upgraded after the 5th of January 1999
– You contracted floating time, points or fractional ownerships
– You paid any monies within the cooling off period
– Your contract is in perpetuity or for a period of more than 50 years.
– Your contract did not provide you with your applicable consumer rights


ITRA, through its network of associated companies, are also able to dispose of owners timeshare liabilities. Most timeshares contracts have no cancellation clause and the annual maintenance fee liability could last for life and on death, lodged in your estate reducing its value until such time as the timeshare holding is cancelled. This would deplete the value of the estate and the resulting inheritance for the heirs of the deceased.

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